How to book Bharat gas cylinder online

How to book Bharat gas cylinder online

We all familiar about the internet and how can we use the internet in our daily life to make our life easier.
Today we all know about the internet and the power of the internet how can we use the internet for different purpose today. we are going to book Bharat gas cylinder online and I will show you how to book Bharat gas cylinder online, this is very simple you no need to call anyone you just have to access your internet and book your gas cylinder online, first of all, we have to go on Bharat Gas online portal.You can simply click on here to jump on

How to book Bharat gas cylinder online

As you can see below in the picture if you are a new user then you have to create a new account with my Bharat Gas you have to provide consumer number and registered mobile number that is linked with your Bharat Gas after providing consumer number and register mobile number you have to continue and you have successfully registered with my Bharat Gas then you have to click on sign in button after that you have to login into your account that you have successfully created earlier, in the second picture where I am showing you the login page of my Bharat Gas you can login with your login ID and password and then enter a captcha code that is shown to you

When you login successfully a popup window is open in front of your screen that shows your information that is LPG ID, consumer number, consumer name, and Aadhar number, distributor code and distributor name then you have to click on Ok button. here you can see the dashboard of my Bharat Gas here now you can access various features are available to you that you can use online

In this dashboard you can see all services that are related to your Bharat Gas such as you can check out your subsidies you can track your refill you can submit your KYC and you can also apply for your second cylinder online and you can also check your DBTL status or you can also contact your distributor, you can get the distributor contact number here.

How to book Bharat gas cylinder online
Now we have to book our gas cylinder online now you have to choose book cylinder option on your customer console that is your dashboard after clicking on book cylinder option a new popup is open in front of you that shows an alert to you that you can pay online for your refill cylinder.

Then you can place your order through online here you can see product name product description and an option to book a cylinder. below this option, you can see how many of subsidies you avail during the year.
After clicking on book your cylinder option then new pages open where you can see your booking reference number and Order number booking date and the total weight of your LPG and the total amount that you have to pay online or offline mode you can get both the option on this website you can pay payment online or you can opt a COD mode, if you choose online mode to pay then you can get a cashless discount of Rupees 5 on net amount.

Now we are using only COD option over here after clicking on COD your order is successfully placed then you can track your order by clicking on track your refill option that is available on customer dashboard click on track your refill as you can see in this picture we have successfully placed an order through web and  status is pending, after delivering the book cylinder to your residential address the status will show delivered
How to book Bharat gas cylinder online
I hope you can understand how to book Bharat gas cylinder online from this article is helpful to you please share this article with your friends that they can also avail such facilities online.
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