Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution Mask

Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution Mask:

Friends, if you're a mi lover, then this is good news for you. Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution Mask introduced a new lifestyle product that protects you from everyday pollution with Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution Mask and breathes clean air stress-free.

  • 99% PM2.5 Protection from pollution
  • 4-Layer filtration
  • Soft & comfortable fit
  •  Foldable & portable
  • 4-Layer filtration
  • Price  ₹249/
  • Easy to use in day to day life
  • Available to buy on mi.com
Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution Mask

Protect yourself from everyday pollution

The Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution Mask uses advanced 4-layer filtration to help you breathe easily when outdoors, when you're working in the morning or when you're running, you can also use this anti-pollution mask while riding a bike.

Soft & skin friendly

The mask uses a special soft, light and gentle non-woven micro-filtration material. Small pores on the mask evenly perforated help block particulate matter.

Use Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution Mask to breathe clean air without stress

Double particle protection | 4 layer filtration
  1. Primary Layer
  2. Support Mesh
  3. Electrostatic Micro-Filtration Layer
  4. Water-Permeable Layer

Primary Layer 

Blocks out large particles

Support Mesh

Provides the 3D structure

Electrostatic Micro-Filtration Layer

The electrostatic capture system blocks out particles that are >0.3 pm in diameter

Water-Permeable Layer

Hypoallergenic design reduces the accumulation of vapor

Made of 4 layers of high-tech air pollutant filters, including seasonal haze, storms of dust, cold & flu pathogen, allergic pollen, grease, smoke, exhaust, and contaminants.

Snug fit for your comfort 3D Soft Fit Sponge technology allows the mask to automatically shape the sides of your nose, reduce bridge pressure and reduce leakage. There are no metal nose bars used in conventional industrial masks to prevent marking on your face

Secure fit with easy breathability The well-designed 3D structure provides ample airflow. Curved 3D lines hold the mask's bottom firmly on your chin 

Large vortex valve reduces eyeglass fogging The mask comes with a large vortex breathing valve that discharges warm air and vapor quickly as pollutants are blocked. The constant refreshing air design reduces the fogging of the eyeglass

Foldable and portable The mask is designed for easy folding using special creases. The simple design for safe pocket storage can be folded to one-third of its size

Made for India, this product has been specially adapted for daily use under Indian conditions

Available to buy on mi.com for ₹249/-

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