How to apply for PAN card

How to apply for PAN card

PAN card is important documents for taxpayers, bank account holders and for the citizen of India. Now you can apply yourself for the pan card using the internet. In this article, you will get the simple and easiest way to apply for a PAN card. To apply for PAN card online you can follow our simple steps where you can get the easiest and simple way to apply online for a new pan card.

The expansion of PAN CARD is ( permanent account number)

 how to apply for pan card

If you follow our simple step then you can get your payment account number within 7 days at your communication address physically or you can download a soft copy of your pan card after successful acceptation of your application by NSDL and then NSDL issue your permanent account number, and then you can use anywhere there is needed.

If you apply for PAN card from the third party then you may be charged higher cost than the application fees.

If you did not want to pay more than application fees then you can apply for online PAN Card application yourself.

To apply for PAN card is not a difficult task you can apply for PAN card by following our simple steps.

What documents are required for applying for online pan card?

  • Aadhar card of the applicant in PDF format, file size 300kb
  • Photo of the applicant, Max file size 50kb
  • Signature of the applicant, Max file size50kb
Now you can simply apply for your pan card using your Aadhaar Card no other documents is required nowadays you can simply apply for PAN Card using your Aadhaar card.

Keep in mind before you are applying for PAN card using your Aadhaar card.

You must have a soft copy of your Aadhaar card in PDF format this is uploaded as supporting documents for PAN card application.
Now open Google Chrome and search to apply for new PAN card and then you can find application for new PAN card and then click on that link.

Make sure that you have landed on the official website of NSDL this is the official sites of NSDL  And then click on online application for new Pan form  49AA

Then new page open where you need to put your basic information such as application type category applicant title applicant surname first name middle name date of birth email id and mobile number after filling all the necessary information then fill the captcha code and then submit.

apply for pan card
As you click on submit then your registration is successfully and you have received a token number and note down your token number till you apply for PAN card and then click on continue with Pan application form.
Then next page open where you can see 5 steps are in a cube where we have successfully completed step number one that is guidelines after then you have to provide your personal details.

Now you need to choose a mode of application there are three modes are available to apply for PAN card online.

  1. Submit digitally through e KYC and e-sign  (Paperless)
  2. Submit scanned image through e sign
  3. Forward application documents physically
Now you can select any one of them but in this article, we are going to select the second option to submit scanned image through e-sign.

In the second option, you can upload your latest photographs and signature in the PAN Card application form.

In first option you can't upload your latest photograph and signature for PAN Card application form it will take default photographs as in your Aadhar card.

Make sure before selecting the second option that you have link your mobile number with your Aadhar card. If your mobile number is not linked with your Aadhar Card then you can select option 1 first or you can Link your mobile number with your Aadhar card before applying for PAN card.

And then scroll down next option is asking to you that you need a physical PAN card or not a select option according to your preference and then scroll down then you need to enter your Aadhaar Card number if you don't have the Aadhar card number then you can enter enrollment number also.

And in the next option put your name as in Aadhar cardScroll down and select your gender.

Then come to next option which is asking you ever been known by any other name select your option according to your preference and then scroll down fill the details of your parents what name would you like to print in your PAN card name of your father or name of your mother select according to your preference. Fill all the details correctly and then click on next.

The next page opens where you need to select your source of income select option according to your preference.

Then come to the next option that is addressed for communication fill your resident or office address correctly. When you scroll down to put your mobile number and email address correctly and then next option is showing to you representative assessee select according to your preference yes or no and then click on next.

Now we have successfully completed three levels guidelines personal details and contact details now we have to put your AO code details if you know your AO code then you can simply put these details into the boxes if you don't know your AO code then scroll down then you can see an option is available to find AO code. After selecting AO code then click on next.

The next page opens where you need to provide your documents details such as proof of identity proof of address proof of date of birth in this 3 option you can select Aadhar card.

Scroll down and make a declaration then upload photo and signature and then upload supporting documents as Aadhar card then click on submit.

Now you can check your information that you have entered after verifying all the details then click on proceed. Then next option is the mode of payment select your payment method according to your preference we have selected online payment mode then scroll down click the checkbox I agree to the terms of service then click on proceed to payment then click on a confirm.

Now you can make the payment using internet banking debit card credit card etc.

After making payment then click on continue.

Now you need to authenticate your Aadhaar card to proceed further. Then spool down and select the checkbox for using your details for is sin for PAN card application and authenticate my identity through the Aadhaar authentication system.

Select the checkbox and then click on continue.
Then continue with E- sign/e-KYC

Now an OTP has sent to your registered mobile number that is linked with your Aadhar card put that OTP in the box and then click on submit.

Then next page open where you have to authenticate once again, select the checkbox and then click request OTP. Put the OTP in a box and then click on submit.

The next page open which shows you that you have successfully applied for PAN card using the online facility

On the next page, you can see the acknowledgment

Thank you for using the online facility for Pan application.

If you have digitally signed your application using is e-sin/e KYC then you no needed to forward physical documents.

Are you can download your application form using the password of your date of birth in the format of day month year.

So this is the whole process how can you apply for PAN card online. always make the best efforts to provide you the best how to stop Technology information and upcoming humor of smartphone

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