How to buy a domain from Godaddy

How to buy a domain from Godaddy

If you are thinking to bring your business online then you need to buy a domain name you can buy a domain name from various companies such as Godaddy Namecheap Hostgator Resellerclub Bigrock Namehero this article you will get full information about how to buy a domain from Godaddy.

What is the domain?

Domain name is extension like
  • .com
  • .net
  • .Info
  • .org
  • .in
  • online.
  • store.
  • .xyz etc.
For example, your business/Brand name is R K feeds and you need to bring your business online then you new to get a domain name like So this is your website

These are more examples 

  • etc
There are a lot of companies who provide domain name at the cheapest price after wondering a lot of websites we analyze that Godaddy provides domain at the best price.


Here are a few reasons to buy a domain name from Godaddy.

  • Here you can get the best price than other companies
  • Here you can get the discount and coupons on domains.
  • Renewal price is less than the other companies.
  • Trusted by millions of users
If you get the cheaper domain name then the Godaddy then you can buy from there And you must check the renewal price of the domain if there is the renewable price is higher than you should buy the domain from Godaddy because the renewal price is less than the other companies.

If you have decided what domain name you should buy from Godaddy. then you need to create an account with Godaddy.

How to create a Godaddy account?

First, open Google Chrome and search for Godaddy.

Create GoDaddy account
You can login with your Facebook account or you can create your account by providing your email address choosing and create your strong password that should be a unique you can use alphanumeric and special character to create your password stronger and then you need to choose support pin support pin contains four unique numeric letters do not repeat letter, for example, you can choose your support pin 2019.

Here 4 letters are different and unique and they does not repeat again and again so be careful while choosing your support pain this is unique and does not repeat more than one after then click on create account as you can click on create account you can receive an email that you have provided above while creating a Godaddy account email has sent to your email address from where you need to verify your Godaddy account after verifying Godaddy account you can login in your Godaddy account and then you have to complete your basic information such as your full name your mobile number and your billing address.

Make sure you have entered correct details. And then save your all details

And now you can search your domain name that is available or not type your name on the top search bar and then click on search here you can get a list of the available domain names, which are available if your domain name is available you can see yes! your domain name is available buy it before someone else does

Image 3
You can see in image 3 your domain name is available then click on add to cart after adding the domain name in card then you need to click on continue to cart that option is available on top right side to click on continue to cart you can see we have added one domain name then next page open.

on the next page you can get the privacy protection if you needed then you can select privacy protection if you does not required privacy protection for your domain name then click on no thanks and scroll down and then you can see Linux web hosting if you need Godaddy Linux web hosting then you can select if you does not required Linux web hosting then click on no thanks and scroll down and on the last you can see here is asking you to create an email address if you required to create your unique email address that matches your domain name you can take otherwise you can click on no thanks and then click on continue with this option.

 continue with this option.
On the next page, you can see your domain name is added on your cart and it is ready to checkout
Before checkout make sure if you have a promo code then apply the promo code and you can get a good discount from the Godaddy.

If you don't have the promo codes of Godaddy then you can search on Google Godaddy promo codes you can get various promotional promo codes that are available on different sites.

and you can buy your domain name for more than one year or for one year and on the left side you can see the payment options are available 
  1. Credit card
  2. Net banking
  3. Debit card
  4. Wallets 
  5. UPI
You can select any one of them to make your payment and then click on complete purchase.

When you click on complete purchase then a new window opens to complete your payment and you can see the payment gateway from CC Avenue and you can select which option from you are going to pay to select your option and click on make payment option.

And then you can complete your payment process as you can complete the payment you have successfully I purchase your domain and then you have received a notification email from GoDaddy that you have successfully purchased a domain from GoDaddy.

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