How to make money online

How to make money online

Now you can make money online using the internet if you have sufficient knowledge of the Internet and how to use it in an efficient way.

How to make money online
How to make money online

There is various platform on the internet from where you can make money online. In this article, we talked about various platforms from where we can generate a handsome revenue online.

These are a few top sources of online income

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Buy and sell domains
  • Sell your click photographs online
These are few and top sources of online income from where you can generate handsome revenue. Now we talked about in details how can you generate income from these sources.


If you have a piece of great knowledge in any field such as education health fitness beauty etc, then you can create a simple blog/website and share your knowledge and experience in the words.

If you want to create a free blog then you can create a blog at blogger this is absolutely free for all this platform provides you great opportunity to create a free blog using or you can connect a custom domain in the blogger search custom domain are
Create a blog
Create a blog

After creating a good blog with good articles then you can monetize your blog using different ad network such as
  •  AdSense
And after monetization now your site is ready to make money for you now you need to maintain regularity on your website and post regularly bases and rank your website on top on Google. If visitor like your content then he likes to visit again and again and then you can generate a great revenue from your website from the displaying ads on your website or blog.

In this way, you can generate unlimited money from your blog/website


YouTube is another great platform to make money online and you can also get good fame from YouTube. If you have a different and unique talent then you can use your talent to make money from YouTube you need to create  your talent video and then upload that video on youtube 

make money from youtube

How its work

You need to create a brand account on YouTube using your Gmail address, and make the videos of your talent and upload these videos on YouTube and then. Monetize your YouTube video and then your video is ready to make money for you.

In this way, you can get body name and money from Youtube by uploading regular videos on your YouTube channel.

To earn money on YouTube first you need to complete
  1. 1,000 subscribers
  2. 10,000 total views on Channel
  3. 4,000 hours watch time on your channel
If you achieve this target then your channel is ready to monetize, then you can make money from Youtube.

Affiliate marketing

If you want to make a huge income from online then you can choose affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is a good platform to gain higher income in a shorter time. in this platform, you must have a great fan following or you have the power to convince  the customer

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you need to promote any product or services of different companies at various platforms such as on your website on your blog on your social media etc. If someone buys that product or service using your affiliate link then you will be rewarded as Commission for the sales made from your affiliate link.

In this way, you can generate a huge amount by promoting different product and services at your personal blog website or on your social media accounts.

And you are also known as an influencer 

There are few and top affiliate marketing companies
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Clickbank affiliate program
  • Flipkart affiliate program
  • Commission Junction affiliate program
These are few and top athlete companies who provide the best Commission on the successful sale of product and services.

Buy and sell domains

Buying and selling of domain is another great platform to earn money online you can buy different domains from these websites at the cheaper price, you can buy the domain from
  •  Godaddy
  •  Hostgator
  •  Namecheap
  •  Resellerclub etc
Buy and sell domains
Buy and sell domains

After purchasing this domain from different platform then you can list on auction or you can sale on another website such as

These are the most popular website where you can sell your domain at the Higher price. just you need to do project upcoming business and acquired the domain list that domain on these different websites and then sell it at the Higher cost.

Sell your click photographs online

This is another popular source of online income you can sell your photographs online and make money from dynamic photography.

if you think that you are a good photographer or you like to click good pictures from your surrounding then this is a good platform for you to make money from your photographs you can sell these photographs online.

These are the different platform where you can sell your photographs online

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