How to create Amazon affiliate account

How to create Amazon affiliate account

Now Amazon provide you great opportunity to earn money with Amazon you can earn online money with Amazon by creating an Amazon affiliate account and you can promote Amazon product at your website social media accounts etc.

If you promote Amazon product then Amazon provides you grate commission for promoting their products.

I think Amazon affiliate program is a good online source of income where you can generate huge amount using the internet if you have a great audience then you can easily promote your products at your website at your YouTube channel or at your social media accounts.

If you have such potential that you can convert clicks into successful sales. then you can join the Amazon affiliate program and you can earn a great commission from Amazon affiliate account.

Amazon affiliate program is better than another affiliate program because he and you can get a threshold of rupees 1,000 in India after completing the threshold you will be get paid into your account using NEFT wire transfer 29th of every month.

In the previous article, we have discussed the top source of online income from where you can generate great revenue using the internet if you have sufficient knowledge of the internet or computer. And in this article, you will get a brief description, how the Amazon affiliate program works and how can you promote Amazon product and your website or YouTube channel.

Before you create Amazon affiliate account you must know

To create your Amazon affiliate account you must have a website a YouTube channel or a mobile app where you can promote Amazon products.

You can earn up to 12% advertising space with a trusted E-Commerce leader on Amazon affiliate program.

3 simple steps to earn money from Amazon affiliate program 
  1. Join 
  2. Advertise 
  3. Earn.
Amazon affiliate program
Amazon Affiliate Program

 You can create your Amazon affiliate program easily step by step

Now open Google and search for the Amazon affiliate program then click on the top website that is an affiliate program that if you are from India this website is available for Indians.

After clicking on that link then you can see the homepage of website Amazon associate.

If you have already Amazon account then you can simply login with that Amazon account in this Amazon affiliate program if you do not have an account with Amazon yet then you can create a fresh account on Amazon then you can join using that account at Amazon affiliate program.

Then login with your Amazon account using your email address or phone number then enter password then click on login.

Amazon Affiliate login page
Amazon Affiliate login page
Then after you can see your personal information such as mobile number your communication address etc.  then scroll down then you can see an option that you are a text pair of us or not then select yes or no according to your preference if you are from India then slap now and then take on next.

Then you can see the next option where you have to provide your website information or your YouTube information fill out this information and then click on next.

In the next option, you have to create a unique Store ID you can create a unique Store ID using the letter on numbers. And then describe what is your website or mobile app about, describe according to your preference, In which your website and your YouTube channel is focusing.

And then select what type of product would you like to promote from Amazon affiliate program in select according to your preference and then select how do you drive traffic on your website you can select according to your preference there are various option available such as blog email paid search display advertising social network etc.

Create your amazon unique store ID
Create your amazon unique store ID
Fill all the details according to your website or app

Make sure you have entered the correct details and then fill the captcha code and then agree to terms and condition then click on finish.

Now we have completed three steps we are one step away from our Amazon affiliate dashboard if you want to enter your text details then click on now or if you want to enter later then you can click on the letter then you have successfully created your Amazon affiliate account.

created Amazon affiliate account
created Amazon affiliate account

Here you can see a congratulation message is showing to you that thanks for applying to associate program your unique associate ID is and you can see your unique Store ID here.

Now you can see we have successfully created Amazon affiliate account this is the dashboard of Amazon affiliate account where you can track your Orders and click on daily basis.

How to promote Amazon products on our website or YouTube channel.

This is very simple to promote Amazon product on your website or on your YouTube channel you have to visit then you can login with your affiliate account using email id and password then search a particular product that you want to promote then on the top side you can see a strip where you can see 3 options are available text image text and image you can click on this option to get a short link that includes your affiliate Store ID.

And then you need to share that affiliate link at your different platform and when someone purchases through your link you definitely get a Commission on that product when successful order is placed and ship.

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