How to create newsdog account

How to create newsdog account

In a previous article, we have discussed how can you earn money by writing an article on different platform UC news and newsdog these are too platform where you can write your article and you can earn from your article writing skill.

Now in this article, we are going to cover how to create newsdog account step by step if you are willing to earn from your writing skill then you can adopt this platform to earn money online.

Today everyone needs extra income or some of the students may look for part-time income also they can also apply for this income source as part-time they can write article in their free time and publish this article in different platforms such as newsdog UC news and they can earn from their article on regular basis if they have great writing skills or potential to provide good information in a simple and easiest way.

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How to create news dog account
How to create news dog account

Now I am going to show you step by step how can you create new job account in a simple way.

Open Google and search for we media newsdog then you can see a website of newsdog we media and click on first website

After clicking on that link, then you can see the homepage of We media newsdog. Now here you need to create an account using your Facebook or using your Gmail id you can choose any one of them to create the account with newsdog.

We are going to create newsdog account using Gmail ID

While creating an account with newsdog you need to provide your existing Gmail account and you can create a strong password using alphabet and letter and then click on the checkbox and then click on continue.

create newsdog account
Create your account
As you click on continue then you have received an email from newsdog to verify your email address now you have to verify your email address now you have to verify your email address then you can continue.
After clicking on the link that you have received in your email box from newsdog then you can land on account information page where you need to provide your account name your name your pan card number phone number and your communication address.
In the invitation code, you need to enter r9b15l

And you can upload your account logo and you need to provide a short description for your account
Then check the checkbox and click on continue.

Now your application is successfully submitted to We media newsdog team they will verify your details and then your account will be activated within a week you have to wait for a week to get your account activated.

When your account is fully activated you will be notified by email then you can log in into your account using your email address and password if your account is activated by we media newsdog team then you can write the article and start earning.

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