How to create UC we media account

How to create UC we media account

Recently we have discussed how can you write an article and you can earn with your writing skills by writing an article at different platforms are UC we media and we media newsdog here various writers are right content for this platform and they can get paid for their quality of content you can also make money from these platforms.

Now in this article, I am going to show you how can you create UC we Media news account and you can publish your article on this platform this is a very good platform there is a huge reach of readers where you can write the article and make money from your article writing.

How to create UC We Media Account
How to create UC We Media Account 
UC is a Chinese web browser in this browser you can get news in your local language such as Hindi English Marathi Tamil Telugu etc and you can also get technology news in this UC Browser.

If you want to publish your own content like news Technology NEWS health fitness anything that you want to publish in that browser then you first have to create UC we media account this is a content creator account where you can get access to publish your article and you have a chance to make money with this browser.

There are billions of readers of UC news you can write your article and publish in this platform where your article reach to various leaders and you can get attention in less time.

UC news platform is better than we media newsdog you can create your account in this platform this is better than we media newsdog you can get revenue at a specific interval and we can see this is the should we provide you would revenue if you write content on this platform.

In detail, I am going to show you how can you create UC we media creator account

Open Google and search for UC we media and then click on the first link After clicking on the link then you can reach to the homepage of UC we media account here you need to create your account first.

To create account with UC we media click on sign up then next page open where you need to provide your basic information such as email and you have to create your password that contains alphabet and numbers and then confirm your password again and then you have to enter invitation code if you have or if you don't have the invitation code then you can leave it blank in the next option you have to fill the captcha code that is showing to you after filling the captcha code check the checkbox and Nikon continue and after then an email is sent to the above email that you have provided to create account with UC we media account and verify your email address by visiting your email address.

You will get a link in your email then you have to click on that link will redirect you to next step.

Now we have completed Two Steps number one creating an account and email verification.

Now in the next step you need to select your account type number one is blogger freelance generalist editor students writers other you can select any one of them according to your preference. And then click on continue and in the next option you have to provide your account information search yes
  • Your account name
  • Account type
  • Category
  • Account operators name
  • PAN card number
  • Proof of your identity
  • Upload your account logo
  • Phone number
  • Language
After filling the all the above details correctly then select the checkbox and click on continue

UC We Media
UC We Media

Now your application is successfully submitted to UC we media team Here they will verify your details and approve your account within a week you have to wait for a week once your account is approved then you can login in your account and start writing your articles and publish your these articles in your account and make money

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