What is Goqii app and how to win Rs 5 lakh

What is Goqii app and how to win Rs 5 lakh

In this app, you did not require to work more simply you have to walk and win. more you walk more you get the chance to win prizes there are various prices available for you. Goqii app is simple to use and to win more rewards. in this article, you can get answers of What is Goqii app and how to win Rs 5 lakh

If you complete the threshold of points than you can redeem your point into the product that is available for you free of cost.

You Can get a chance to win Rs. 500000 from the goqii app.

Goqii App
Goqii App

What is the goqii app?

Goqii app is a mobile application where you can walk and win rewards and cash prizes of Rs. 5 Lakh. In this app, jio is a digital partner and in partnership with Network 18 and supported by khelo India.

In this app, you can get a daily step challenge where you need to complete 6000 minimum step challenge. if you complete this task daily then you will be awarded as points and you can redeem this point with different awards.

If you complete 100 steps then you will be awarded as 1 point 

What is India step challenge?

In this challenge, you need to complete a minimum of 6000 steps daily. This is a good initiative to make India healthy and fit. Where you try yourself to make healthy and fit if you do so then you can earn and win rewards with Goqii app.

In detail, I am going to discuss with you .how to install the goqii app in your phone and how to use it to earn with goqii app.
  • Open Google Play Store and search for Goqii
  •  Download Goqii App
Install goqii app in your phone then you need to register using your phone number or you can choose your Gmail id to register with goqii app

After Choosing mode of registration then you need to choose i have an invite code then fill this code GISC347156  and then Click on submit then the next option are to choose three categories you can choose any one of their such as weight lose fitness eat healthy etc after choosing the category then you can click on continue now you have to provide you were first name and last name after filling the first name and last name then click on continue after clicking on continue button then you need to provide access to the goqii app.

After giving access to the app then wait for a few moments to set up this app in your phone then you can start walking to earn goqii points.

After successful setup of this app then you can open this app and now you can see the homepage of the app will you need to click on a first banner showing to you India's stand challenge after clicking on that then you can see your daily step that you have cover.

 India's stand challenge
 India's stand challenge

And you can increase your daily step limit by inviting each unique friend if you invite successfully join then you will get 300 extra steps.

 This offer is valid from 22 feb to 1 june 2019

You can win if you complete 
  • 100      Points  Backpack
  • 1000    Points  Goqii Stride
  • 2500    Points  Goqii Element
  • 5000    Points  Goqii Beat
  • 7500    Points   Goqii Vital
  • 9500    Points   Goqii Run GPS
  • 12000  Points Samsung Galaxy M10
  • 15000  Points One Plus 6T
  • 20000  Points iPhone XR
  • 25000  Points Rs. 5 Lakh Cash 
This is the procedure of how can you install the Goqii app and win rewards with the Goqii app by making fit and healthy yourself.

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